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Visiting the Acropolis and Other Important Sites

by Brian D. Ladin

Since 2013, Brian D. Ladin has served on the board of directors for Konig & Cie. He also founded Delos Shipping, which acquires shipping vessels and provides commercial and technical management and maintains an office in Athens. Brian D. Ladin considers Athens one of the world's most beautiful places.
Visitors to Athens can purchase a ticket to visit the Acropolis, which holds the Parthenon and six other sites. The other sites include the Ancient Agora with its museum and Temple of Hephaistos, Hadrian's Library and the enormous statue of Nike, the potters' region of the city known as the Kerameikos, and the Olympieion, which holds one of the largest ancient temples to Zeus.
The Acropolis itself, literally the upper city, remains an essential for site travelers to Athens to visit. Since it holds the most well-intact building, the Parthenon, it offers an awe-inspiring look into the capabilities of an ancient civilization. Designed by Greek architects Iktinos and Kallikrates in the fifth century, the Parthenon dates back to 438 BC.
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