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The Kinkaid School Philosophy

Company director Brian D. Ladin is also the founder of Delos Shipping, a firm that arranges vessel acquisition and sale-leaseback transactions within the shipping industry. The company operates a fleet of its own ships and has partnerships with several other shipping companies. Brian D. Ladin is also a supporter of the Kinkaid School, a college preparatory institution in Houston, Texas.

The guiding philosophy at the Kinkaid School is centered on student achievement, individual potential, and ethical conduct. Margaret Kinkaid, the school's founder, sought to have classrooms filled with self-motivated students who possess unique skills and interests. In an effort to encourage good citizenship, the Kinkaid School emphasizes fundamental values like kindness and respect. Furthermore, students are encouraged to find a balance among their academic, physical, and social pursuits.

Lastly, the Kinkaid School seeks to have parents actively involved in their children's education. School administrators maintain an open dialog with parents and make an effort to involve them in school functions.


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