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The Benefits of Surfing

by Brian D. Ladin

Brian D. Ladin, a director of Konig & Cie, is also the cofounder of Delos Shipping and Delos Investment Management. Aside from his many professional obligations, Brian D. Ladin enjoys outdoor recreational activities, such as playing tennis, skiing, and surfing.
Although it is physically challenging, surfing is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. The sport provides a number of potential health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness and strength training. Before you can ride a wave, you have to paddle out far enough from shore to catch one.
Whether you paddle with your arms, legs, or both, maneuvering a large and sometimes heavy board against incoming waves and ocean currents offers a thorough cardiovascular workout. It also strengthens your legs, back, and shoulders. Additionally, when your wave comes, you will need a reliable level of core strength and strong leg muscles to pull yourself up and stand on the board.
Beyond its physical benefits, surfing also offers opportunities to relieve stress and enjoy nature.                            
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