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Surfing in Cabo San Lucas

Brian D. Ladin

After earning a degree from Tulane University in political economy, certified financial analyst Brian D. Ladin went on to work with major international investment deals at Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital before co-founding Delos Shipping, an international investment firm in the shipping industry. When not at work, Brian D. Ladin loves to travel, especially to Cabo San Lucas to surf.

Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding beaches is one of Mexico’s best destinations for surfing with beautiful views, beautiful weather, and excellent swells year-round.
Generally, during the spring and summer, storms make for better surfing swells on the Gulf of California side of the Baja peninsula, also known as the Sea of Cortez. In the fall and winter, the Pacific side of the peninsula offers better conditions for surfing with westerly swells up to twenty feet often appearing.
There are plenty of surf shops and schools for renting gear or taking lessons in this beautiful area, as well as camps where surfers can stay right on the beach. Some places even offer surfaris – surfing safaris – where guides can take you to the best locations for surfing that day so you can explore different beaches as you follow the waves.

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