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Right of Way Rules On the Ski Trail

Brian D. Ladin

Brian D. Ladin founded Delos Shipping in 2008. In 2013 he joined Konig and Cie as a member of the board of directors. Brian D. Ladin leads an active lifestyle and is particularly interested in skiing. He has spent time on mountains in Colorado, Canada, Switzerland, and other alpine destinations.

One of the most important rules skiers must adhere to on the mountain is the concept of right of way. The right of way always belongs to the down-slope skier. Down-slope skiers must rely on the consideration and good sense of those further up the mountain because they cannot reasonably turn their heads to observe activities occurring behind them. For example, if one skier is making a wide turn while traveling down the slope, uphill skiers should slow down in order to make a safe pass. Individuals are also expected to announce their moves to down-slope skiers.
Though the right of way always belongs to down-slope skiers, these skiers should obey safe skiing practices as well. For example, a skier should not make a sudden stop in the middle of a trail and expect uphill skiers to safely avoid them. Instead, down-slope skiers should gradually slow while directing themselves towards the side of the trail. Similarly, when merging onto a trail, skiers should yield to any person already traveling down the mountain.
Skiers can learn more about right of way on the mountain and other important aspects of skiing safety by reading the Skier’s Responsibility Code, which can be found online or at many ski resorts in North America.

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