The founder of Delos Shipping, Brian D. Ladin has years of
experience as an investment manager, especially within the fields of
shipping, telecommunications, and media. He also sits on the board of
directors for Konig & Cie. In his free time, Brian D. Ladin enjoys
traveling to London, which is among his favorite cities for walking.
capital of England and one of history’s most notable cities, London is a
popular destination for many travelers. One of the best ways to explore
the historic city is by foot. The Telegraph has collected several great
London walks.
1) London’s Gardens - Visitors can start and
finish a stroll through London’s well-maintained gardens at the St.
Paul’s tube stop. Gardens include St. Mary Aldermanbury, Barbican Estate
Lakeside Gardens, and Postman’s Park, all part of the London Parks
& Gardens Trust. The walk is populated with ceramic plates.
2)London Wall Walk - The Museum of London website
( offers a map and more information about the
remains of the Roman walls that stand in the city.
3) The Thames Path - For the more ambitious walker, this walk can go many miles but
can also be broken down into manageable chunks. For example, the six
miles from Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge can be done in a day. It passes
by many popular sites, including the Tower of London, the Houses of
Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tate Modern.
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