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Internationally Inspired Fool Moon Surfboards

Brian D. Ladin

Delos Shipping founder Brian D. Ladin manages large fleets and key investments for his international shipping company. When he finds the time, Brian D. Ladin enjoys surfing and owns Proctor and Fool Moon boards.

The Fool Moon brand was created by surfer Pierre-Yves Hocké, who was born in Nigeria, raised in Switzerland, and educated in California. After completing a graphic design degree at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he began to design for legendary sport brands like DaKine and Adidas.
Hungry for travel and adventure, Hocké moved to Mauritius Island and began to build his own brand, Fool Moon. He quickly opened three shops on the island, and two more in Zimbabwe soon thereafter.
Today, Fool Moon boards are available worldwide and favored by surfers from many countries. The brand also hosts frequent parties, festivals and competitions in Switzerland, France, and around the world.

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