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Fluctuating Shipping Rates

Brian D. Ladin

Brian D. Ladin is an experienced investor in the shipping industry. Brian D. Ladin cofounded Delos Shipping and actively seeks investment opportunities in this field. 

Shipping is a volatile industry and investors in this industry should be aware of market trends to ensure returns on their investments. The shipping rates have been low in recent years, and the decrease in rates is partially attributable to the slumping Chinese economy. China is responsible for three-fifths of the most commonly carried cargo. Accordingly, a slump in Chinese imports and exports affects the overall cargo rates for the shipping industry. 

In contrast to the slumping rates for shipping common cargo, tanker ships are in heavy demand. Tankers are used to transport oil and, with a booming oil market in the Middle East, tankers are busy trying to meet the demand for moving these shipments. In fact, some tankers were retained to simply store oil for sale on the market at a later date and at a higher price. The shipping industry is a finicky market, and it is important to obtain guidance before investing in the shipping industry.  

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