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Donating to Tulane University

Brian D. Ladin

Shipping industry professional and entrepreneur Brian D. Ladin is the founder of Delos Shipping, a firm that focuses on the acquisition of nautical transportation vessels. Prior to the foundation of Delos Shipping, Brian D. Ladin attended Tulane University, a school which he continues to support.
Individuals who want to support to Tulane University can best do so through monetary gifts. Donations from alumni, staff, and parents go toward providing financial aid to almost 75 percent of the school’s student body, allowing talented students to pursue higher education regardless of their background. Additionally, donors have the freedom to allocate their gift to the program, fund, or college of their choice.
Those who choose to make annual gifts of $1,500 or more become eligible to join the Tulane Associates, a group that annually attends events honoring its members’ commitment and leadership. Alumni at this donation level who want to take their involvement with Tulane a step further also have the option of joining the Tulane Fund Advisory Board, which plays a significant role in helping the university procure donations for the Tulane Fund.
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