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CFA Institute's CIPM Designation

by Brian D. Ladin

Since 2007, Brian D. Ladin has worked at Dallas-based Delos Investment Management, of which he is the founder. Brian D. Ladin is a chartered financial analyst (CFA), a professional certification offered by the CFA Institute.
The CFA Institute seeks to assist all financial professional through education, development, and networking opportunities. The global organization also provides a place for investment professionals to learn about financial markets and the importance of high ethical standards.. It has more than 133,000 members found in 145 countries and territories.
In December 2015, the CFA Institute announced that 54 percent of individuals who took the expert-level exam for the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM), given in October, passed it. Once these successful candidates become regular members of the CIPM association and meet professional experience requirements, they can use the CIPM designation. Those who achieve the designation include financial advisors, portfolio managers, and investment consultants. The CFA Institute has awarded some 1,400 investment professional the CIPM. Individuals have an opportunity to take the exam at two separate times a year at test centers.
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