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An Effective Approach to Finding the Right Grip Size for Golf Clubs

An experienced investment professional and the founder of Delos Investment Management, Brian D. Ladin leverages research to execute the best plan of action for buying and selling shipping equipment and supplies. Outside of work, Brian D. Ladin, a golfer of more than 15 years, enjoys hitting the greens with his Ping and Callaway clubs.

When purchasing a new or replacement golf club, make certain it has the right grip. The grip impacts the hold on the club and can save a person valuable strokes when attempting a hole. Many determine the grip size by the dimensions of a person’s hand, but a study by Golf Magazine discovered that the dynamics of the swing actually has more bearing. In fact, the study indicated that 21 percent of golfers using grips suggested for their specific hand size achieved a good shot. The positive outcomes decreased in areas of distance control and straightness.

For this reason, when shopping, an individual should not use the standard method of getting a grip that is based on hand size. Instead, one should test a club with various sized grips. If possible, request the use of a launch monitor to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of the swing. Based on these findings, someone can then select the grip that produces the best results and that he or she is most comfortable using.


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