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A Look at Delos Shipping’s Two Hong Kong Flagships 

Brian D. Ladin

Brian D. Ladin founded Delos Shipping in 2008 and leads the firm in seeking investment opportunities in the shipping industry, primarily in the offshore, tanker, dry bulk, and container segments. Brain D. Ladin’s company fleet includes two Hong Kong flagships: The M/T Chem Bulldog and the M/T Chem Ranger.

A 19,990 ton deadweight (DWT) chemical tanker of the Type II and III variety, the Chem Bulldog is capable of moving 15.35 knots at top speed, which measures out to approximately 18 miles per hour. The ship also features 20 stainless steel tanks, with stainless steel heating coils and FRAMO pumps and manifolds in each tank. It also possesses a single fixed propeller with a bow thruster and an M/E Hitachi B&W engine.
The Chem Ranger consists of a 26,000 DWT Type II and III chemical tanker with 18 stainless steel tanks with their own pumps, manifolds, and stainless steel heating coils. Its Makita B&W engine can propel it at a top speed of 16.27 knots. Like the Chem Bulldog, the Chem Ranger also features a single fixed propeller and bow thruster.

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